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Commercial & Domestic Felt Roofing

Celestial Roofing specialise in all felt systems working closely with the manufacturers and main contractors, completing work to a strict specification which can land up to a 30 year guarantee.

Felt Single Ply Roofing Systems - This system usually comprises of a vapour control layer, insulation and then a single layer of mineral capsheet, adhered with side and end laps heat welded. The benefit of this system is that it is completely flame free, greatly reducing the fire risks which come with traditional gas torch methods.

Hybrid Self Adhesive Roofing Systems - This method of Roofing is one of the more popular choices for commercial clients. This usually consists of a flame free vapour control layer, insulation, flame free underlay to cover the insulation and then a Torch on capsheet. This 3 layer system greatly reduces the risk of fire damage. All combustible components of the roof system will be encapsulated prior to the torch on mineral finish.

Torch on Felt Roofing Systems - This option is usually chosen on non combustible substrates such as concrete decks/screed. This usually consists of a 3 layer system. Vapour control layer, insulation, underlay and capsheet. All of these layers will be torch applied to ensure a full bond throughout. For any high risk areas, a self adhesive version of the felt can be used to minimise fire risks.

Hot Melt Roofing Systems - This method of roofing is used widely on large commercial projects where there is no need for a nice aesthetic appearance. The felt is bonded to the substrate using HOT liquid bitumen. These roofs are usually covered with polystyrene insulation/paving slabs/green roofs.

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