Celestial Felt Roofing Specialists

About Celestial Roofing

Celestial Roofing Ltd was set up in 2016 by sole Director Ronnie Hetherington.

Ronnie served his time back in 2010 as a young apprentice working for a local roofing company. It was during this 4 year training program that he learned the basics of the trade.

Ronnie then went onto working for himself as a sole trader whilst he perfected his craft. Two Years later he wanted to further increase his knowledge on how the whole roofing industry worked and chose to go work in an office for some larger roofing companies. Firsty as a contracts coordinator, learning the whole process of client relationship building, logisitcs of running a site and also understanding the whole ordering process.

A few years later, landed a position as a contracts supervisor, measuring large commercial projects, setting up live sites, organising labour, managing the health and safety and also client relationship building. After studying the craft for numerous years Ronnie then decided to continue his journey with Celestial Roofing as a now well rounded, expert in his field of flat roofing.

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